The Summer of Dresses

So this dress was my first attempt at being more ‘summery.’ I obviously still went with my comfort color- black. SMH.

So after many years of having my closet look like I am a transplant from a colder climate, I have decided to embrace summer in full force and go for it. And I have decided that the easiest way to embrace a summer wardrobe in Phoenix – dresses. So I am making this the summer of dresses. I figure jumpsuits and rompers fit in this category too. But the main important of Summer of Dresses are: (i) comfort; (ii) effortless; (iii) stylish. I honestly think dresses are like yoga pants in the comfort category so this works out for me! 😀

My goal is to have plenty of summer outfits by the time summer is over, and look less like winter transplant. Although the office is still cold during summer, so I am not quite sure how to combat that yet. Stay tuned!


So unfortunately the actual dress I am wearing is sold out, but I linked a few copycats, and a similarly buttoned romper. And this hat that I got last year, is my favorite thing ever. I linked a pretty similar hat from Nordstrom, which is where I got the one I wore. I don’t think they even carry the brand anymore. I was walking in the handbag section and it was sitting there. I walked by it three times before I could justify the price. Luckily, the one I linked is on sale!

I am going to wear these Soludos wedges so much this summer that people will think I don’t own any other shoes. They are so comfortable and they go with so many looks, it’s impossible to not want to pair (ha) them with everything I put on. Summer of Dresses, #SummerofSoludos. 💁🏼



Favorite Summer Hats

As part of my push to focus on my creative pursuits, I am going to do something a little different. I always love the ideas of 30 day photo challenges or design-a-day challenges. SO for my blog, I am going to do a personal challenge of posting 3 times a week. Two of the posts are going to be somewhat structured, which I think will help me get more into a consistent flow, and one will likely just be a free write. I find that my best writing comes when it isn’t a forced topic, but one I am passionate about.

So without further ado..

I have seen a couple of comments from people about it still being winter in parts of the country, but in Phoenix, summer is in full force. I typically love and prefer shopping for winter wear, but have been pushing myself towards summer gear, since, you know, I live on the face of the sun. One easy summer pick for me is a sun hat. I am pale and thus burn like nobody’s business, plus who doesn’t love the insta-chic a hat gives you!? Here are a couple of my favorite summer hats, including a dupe for this hat, which is hands down my favorite.

Five Faves - Summer Hats


One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five



Faux Fur Vest

faux fur vest

faux fur vest

faux fur vest

faux fur vest
I am so excited for my upcoming trip to Denver! It’s on my travel bucket list and it will count two places for the year that I have never been! I really had planned the trip so I could go see some snow, but it’s not looking good for any powder in the city. It will however be FREEZING! It’s going to be in the 20s some nights! Woo hoo! I went and got a puffy jacket just for this occassion! And I am secretly keeping my fingers crossed for snow! ☃️

In the meantime, this week I have a ton of work to do and some Christmas decorating to do! I usually decorate my (fake) tree the day after Thanksgiving and this year, I want a real tree. And I drive a Mini Cooper. So I am working to devise a plan to get a tree home! The other decision to make is should I get my tree from a parking lot or go up north and cut down my own. I am sure you can guess which option I want to go with. Yes I know I am difficult. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Any how, Old Navy has been having sales galore, and I am devoted to their denim, but they have been stepping up the fit in other areas too! This tee is super comfy and drapes nicely (size up if you have bigger bust- trust me). I had been lusting over this Top Shop Faux Fur Vest but it was a little more than I wanted to spend at the time (right before my Boston trip) and it wasn’t perfect enough to spend over $100. It was a struggle since I love Top Shop so much, but I had to pass and went with the less expensive faux fur vest, found here.

Vest  |  Shirt  |  Jeans  |  Necklace, similar  |  Watch, similar  |  Booties, similar