White Sweater & Over the Knee Boots

over the knee boots

over the knee boots

over the knee boots

over the knee boots

I started my blog as a creative outlet and as motivation to dress nicely every day. When you have a casual workplace, it’s easy to get lazy and wear jeans and a tee shirt every day. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you love shopping, it doesn’t make sense to buy new clothes and then leave them hanging, unworn, in your closet. I went through a phase when I first started

One of my favorite looks is over the knee boots with cozy sweaters. This sweater is one of the softest sweaters I have ever had – so I had a hard decision moment when looking at the price tag. I had previously gotten another sweater of the same brand and loved it. They are now some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Sadly, it is sold out but here is a similar sweater by the same brand, Caslon.

These boots are actually the second exact same pair I have purchased. I got these last year, and loaned them to a friend, who unfortunately lost them. I was thrilled when they were back this year because the chunkier, lower heel is great. The only surprise was that they seem to fit looser than before. I am a size 8 and they are usually as perfect as Cinderella’s glass slipper. Here is another pair that are similar, also Steve Maddens.

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Happy Thanksgiving

The time between September and December is my favorite time of year. I love the holiday season for the spirit it brings. It’s hard to describe the feeling the season evokes. A combination of festive and peaceful. Or something. And while it is cliché to do the “things I am thankful for this year” post on Thanksgiving  – I am doing it anyway. Guess I am cliché. Whatever. I love it. Someone hand me a pumpkin spice latte. 😂

This year, I am overwhelmingly grateful for my family.


The biggest thing I am thankful for this year is my family. I have two dogs, Simba and Lola. I have had Simba for about 9 years (10 coming up) and he is truly my baby. Getting a puppy is a no joke commitment,I have had to learn quite a bit. He has been through everything with me – thick and thin.

I adopted Lola exactly two years ago when she was two years old. She had been in the shelter for 2 months and just moved to the location I was at the day prior. The story of why I was even at Petsmart that day and how I came to the decision to adopt a dog is a story for a different day. About four months after I adopted her, she began to have allergies so bad that she was itching the skin around her eyes until it bled. So she is on a couple of medications for that. Then in December of last year, she woke me up in the middle of the night screeching. It was jarring and I jumped in my car and we drove to find the nearest open vet. She had an injury on her spinal cord. We got medication, went home, and she was fine. Until April. She was clearly in pain and woke me at midnight. We went to the vet first thing, got her meds and came home, she was on bed rest. Then, I went to take a shower and when I came out she was dragging her back legs and lost the ability to walk. We had to go to the vet neurologist (who even knew this was a thing?!), and she required immediate surgery to prevent her from being paralyzed forever.

It was an emotionally greuling day. With the support of my dad and Robin, and a payment plan from the vet- I was able to get Lola’s surgery and she can walk again. She still has a drunken walk, and it won’t ever be perfect, but I am grateful that I had the support system from my family to keep my family intact and healthy. I also am grateful for the serendipitous series of events that led to Lola’s adoption. Someone else may not have been able to take care of her the same way my family and I have been able to.

I hope you and all of your families all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


My Week in New England

I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. I think if we (people) truly want to change something about ourselves, we will start no matter what time of year it is. Two years ago, I made the decision to travel to at least one new place per year. Since then, I have been to Dallas and Chicago but wanted to start seeing the east coast namely Boston. My bucket list actually says “visit all 6 New England states.” Unfortunately, I missed out on Vermont for this trip due to (self-imposed) time constraints but I am certain I will be back to New England in the future!

I flew into Boston and started driving to Connecticut. I was on my own for the first half of the trip, so there aren’t too many photos :(. After Connecticut, I drove the scenic route to Newport, RI and spent the day wandering through mansions and along the cliff walk. Newport was my favorite stop outside of Boston. After my first two states, I picked up a friend and we started making our way up to Maine!


Kennebunkport, ME


We went up to Freeport to the LL Bean store and Freeport outlets (pro-tip: the outlets are awesome but there is no sales tax on clothing in MA and NH so depending on what you’re getting, you may want to hold off). We made our way down to Portland and stayed in the most charming Airbnb ever! We had an awesome time running around in Portland but my favorite part of Maine was the beach towns. Everyone was amazingly nice and gave us advice on the secret spots that were even better than the normal trek.

Sweater  |  Jeans  |  Beanie  |  Puppy not included 😍



Cape Neddick, ME

maine beaches

I had a couple of pre-requisites for this trip: bean boots, a covered bridge, and a lighthouse. So we stopped in Cape Neddick at the lighthouse. There were a lot more people here than when I stopped by myself at the lighthouse in Connecticut, and it seemed like more of a tourist spot.

Sweater, similar  |  Jeans  |  Shoes  |  Sunnies

maine beaches

Sweater  |  Scarf  |  Jeans  |  Shoes  |  Beanie, similar


New Hampshire

fall in New England

As we made our way back down to Boston, we drove through New Hampshire, with no real destination in mind. Everything was so beautiful that we got off of the freeway and roamed around. I am not sure exactly where we were in this picture but it was lovely all the same.

Sweater, similar  |  Jacket  |  Jeans  |  Boots, similar  |  Beanie


Boston, MA


I absolutely LOVED Boston. I don’t think I have ever been to such an amazing city with such wonderful people. Everyone was extremely helpful at every turn: when I couldn’t figure out which line to take on the T, and when recommending the best place to eat in the North End. I spent all of my time wandering the city, doing all of the main tourist things. I went on a trolley tour – and skipped the duck boats this time. I liked that the trolley allowed me to get on and off at my leisure. I got off at the beginning of the freedom trail and walked all the way along up to Bunker Hill in Charlestown. I had the best time, and I know I will be back to Boston again soon.

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