Fall Florals

I rarely wear prints, let alone florals. In fact, when I showed up wearing this, Anya was shocked! She was much more excited to shoot than normal. While I typically avoid trendy pieces (and prints), the bell sleeves and criss-cross neck are so adorable on this shirt. I had to make an exception. Plus this shirt is lightweight and perfect for Phoenix weather!

I found this shirt last year at Nordstrom and it’s become one of my favorites. This exact print is no longer available, but the shirt is in stock in other colors! Lush also makes a couple of versions with the same sleeves and different necklines!

Backpacks have been an obsession of mine lately. It’s so much more convenient to tote around a backpack full of stuff all day than worry about a purse. I am on the lookout for something more practical for carrying around my camera and laptop while traveling.

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