The Hardest Decision I’ve Made. Probably Ever.



A couple of weeks ago I spent a week traveling around New England, spending most of the time in Boston. Going to every New England state has been something on my bucket list for a couple of years, but kept getting put off. Last year I changed jobs right around the time I was supposed to go and just couldn’t make it work. So this year, I took a week off work and set off on my own!

I will be posting about my trip Monday (still editing photos, ugh!).

On my trip, I felt so at peace with myself and at home. I’ve never felt as though I truly belonged in Phoenix or even on the west coast. I’m not sure why or what it’s about. On top of that, I would LOVE to live in a big city with an amazing public transportation system, sell my car and just walk to work every day. Maybe I’m taking Phoenix for granted – but also – SNOW!

I had the best time and I ended up serendipitously meeting someone in my same industry who happened to be hiring for my exact position. In my dream city. It was the best experience meeting with their group and learning more about the company and the job and the people. I was sold. Then the offer came in. And for those of you not from Phoenix, it’s cheap AF to live here. And I’m blessed to do well enough for myself and to have an awesome team beside me. Boston, on the other hand, is the third most expensive metro area in the US (don’t quote me, but it’s pretty close if not true).

So now I had to weigh a number of things in my head. I want to leave Phoenix, 2. Boston was amazing, I could see myself there, 3. My team in Phoenix is amazing. I have a great job and great friends, 4. Boston = expensive, Phoenix = not. So I was like I’m doing this, even at a number that isn’t quite where I want to be. I don’t care, I’ll be in a real city, and doing something I’ve wanted for years.

And then I started to notice the pit in my stomach. Seriously, what’s wrong with me? You want this, it’s a great opportunity. You can’t pass this up. And I could not shake this feeling. And finally, between counters and conversations, it finally hit me. My Phoenix story isn’t over. I’m not ready to leave.

So I turned it down. I turned down the most amazing job at the most amazing company in the most amazing city I’ve ever been in.

Moral of the story: just because you think something’s right, doesn’t mean it is right now – dreams can change. And sometimes it’s important to listen to your intuition. No matter what choices and path you choose in life, it will be the right thing. There is no wrong way, just a different way. So follow your heart and your dreams.


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