How to Stay Put Together in a Casual Office

I am fortunate to have a flexible job and we have a fairly lax dress code. It makes it so much easier to have fun with my outfits! I dress up on days that I have client meetings etc, but it’s not the norm.

The downside of an ultra casual office is the ability to get lax with my wardrobe. When you can wear sneakers every day, it’s easy to develop bad habits. I work pretty hard to keep myself dressing nicely and keeping a consistent wardrobe and look.

A couple of things I do to keep consistency in my style are small but significant.

Jewelry Can Pull a Look Together
I always make a point to put on jewelry, especially earrings and a watch with bracelets. I start my every day look with a gold or silver watch, and matching bracelets for a full “bracelet stack.” I like to change up the pieces within my stack but it’s always a watch as a base. I will usually then trade up the other bracelets based on what I am wearing, if it’s casual, maybe a rope bracelet, or for a more dressed up look something with pearls.

Grooming is Key
The other thing I force myself to do is always have a manicure. Now, I do NOT go and get weekly manicures out at the salon. I have worked really hard to learn how to do my own nails at home. I have a gel light and all the stuff to go with it. And I am a one trick pony here, I tend to stick to neutral pinks and nudes on my fingers unless it’s fall / winter, in which case I go for a dark maroony-purple color.

Make Up – Maybe
Here is where I struggle. My go-to look is the “no makeup makeup.” I don’t always do a full foundation or blush, but I do try to have mascara on. Also- eyebrows can really clean up your look. Before I had my brows micro bladed, I would always pluck and fill them. Every day. Micro blading has been such a timesaver. I will be sure to post a blog about micro blading and that process when I get my touch up done in October.

Overall, even when you wear jeans and a t-shirt, you can look effortless chic with some effort, but not as much. It’s really what makes off-duty models look so amazing in leggings and sneakers. Seriously guys. I just wanna look like an off duty model :D.

PS – I am loving this boxy “dad-shirt” vibe. The top I am wearing is linked here.


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