On Blogging

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Guys, let’s be real. Starting a blog and sharing your life with strangers on the internet is weird. Right? But what’s even weirder and more different for me is taking pictures in public and honestly, sharing the fact that I started a blog with people in real life. I mean, it feels like everyone is a “blogger” these days so I felt a little silly “jumping on the bandwagon.” I keep reminding myself, would I be embarrassed or feel weird if I was doing real estate right now? And the answer is no. That’s how I try to beat my out my embarrassment. 

So What is a Blogger

Like what does it even mean to be a blogger? Some people think it’s having a massive following and being an influencer, and some people just blog as a creative outlet. Is “blogger” a title? Is it the idea of something?

Why I Blog

To me, blogging is something to focus on myself. I work in a job where I spend a lot of time caring about and for others and I can get easily enveloped and throw my whole self into it. I like being creative and writing, and design. This is a way to express that. My goal is to be as authentic as possible and share things about my life and my journey. As my good friend Noah says, don’t create, document.

I want to document my rediscovery of Phoenix and the reclaiming of a city I’ve been shunning for a long time. That sounds aggressive but it’s true. I want to show people that you can find a little magic even when you don’t feel like you can fit in. So yeah, I guess I’m a “blogger” now.

What is blogging to you? A job? A hobby? An outlet? Share in the comments!


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