On Staying Inspired

Great, classic design. My dogs. A really good print. Flower gardens. Books. I try to find inspiration in everything. It gets hard on tough days, as it does for everyone. When I’m in a rut or just can’t get it together (I mean adulting is hard), I try to find the positive in the situation and draw from it. 

If I’m realllly in a rut, then I do a couple of things:

Read a Book
It amazes me how a book can take you to another place. Whether it’s reading a new book, or a familiar title (looking at you Harry Potter), it can pull you right out of a slump. The reason I keep reading HP after all these years is the detail. I swear every time I read it, some new detail that is perfectly executed pops up. Seriously, JK Rowling’s brain is nothing short of miraculous. It makes me want to be better at my craft, whatever it may be that day.

Take a Photography Walk
I love photography. I’m not the greatest or the worst. But the sheer amount of joy it gives me is incredible. When I’m feeling some kind of way, I’ll just grab my camera and my keys and spend some time photographing whatever I see that gives me a little boost. Sometimes I come back with a lot of meh photos, and that’s ok. For me it’s about the journey. A great photo is a bonus!

These tiny fluff balls are my babies. There is something so pure about the unconditional love of a dog. They adore your every movement, and they are amazed by everything. How could you not conquer the world after snuggling a puppy?

Painting is proof that you do not have to be good at something for it to be inspiring or soothing. I am not a creator and I am bad at DIY and so I pull inspiration from others. I trace and color and paint to my hearts content. But there is something so soothing about putting brush to canvas it is invigorating.

How do you find inspiration?


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