The Summer of Dresses

So this dress was my first attempt at being more ‘summery.’ I obviously still went with my comfort color- black. SMH.

So after many years of having my closet look like I am a transplant from a colder climate, I have decided to embrace summer in full force and go for it. And I have decided that the easiest way to embrace a summer wardrobe in Phoenix – dresses. So I am making this the summer of dresses. I figure jumpsuits and rompers fit in this category too. But the main important of Summer of Dresses are: (i) comfort; (ii) effortless; (iii) stylish. I honestly think dresses are like yoga pants in the comfort category so this works out for me! 😀

My goal is to have plenty of summer outfits by the time summer is over, and look less like winter transplant. Although the office is still cold during summer, so I am not quite sure how to combat that yet. Stay tuned!


So unfortunately the actual dress I am wearing is sold out, but I linked a few copycats, and a similarly buttoned romper. And this hat that I got last year, is my favorite thing ever. I linked a pretty similar hat from Nordstrom, which is where I got the one I wore. I don’t think they even carry the brand anymore. I was walking in the handbag section and it was sitting there. I walked by it three times before I could justify the price. Luckily, the one I linked is on sale!

I am going to wear these Soludos wedges so much this summer that people will think I don’t own any other shoes. They are so comfortable and they go with so many looks, it’s impossible to not want to pair (ha) them with everything I put on. Summer of Dresses, #SummerofSoludos. 💁🏼



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